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5 Steps to Earning Referrals

You know that feeling you get when you had such a good experience you can't wait to tell your friends?

Maybe it's your favorite restaurant, or resort. Or maybe it's a rental car company or credit car.

For industries that require higher levels of trust, like financial services, referrals are gold.

In fact, according to Fred Reichheld, Senior Bain Fellow and Creator of the Net Promoter System (catch him on the Delighted Customers Podcast "purchased customers ultimately result in unprofitable outcomes over the long run."

On the other hand, customers who come through a referral, keep coming back and tell their friends.

The best way to earn referrals?

Get clear on who your most valuable customers are; design and deliver a personalized experience that disproportionately delights them.

I've heard it called the platinum rule - 'treat others as THEY want to be treated.'

It's a fairly straightforward process when you're a small shop. But when the business scales, silos form naturally.

The only way to show your customers you love them and value their business is by using proven frameworks to ensure consistency across your organization.

To earn the right to referral business follow this model:

5 Steps to delighting your customers and earning referrals

  1. Assess the current state - gain a deep understanding of how well you currently have operationalized or built the "magic wheel" as Reichheld describes it. This includes things like completing an Experience Maturity Assessment ( and a Stakeholder Analysis.

  2. Define your CX Mission - The CX Mission is a statement that describes how you want your customers to be treated. The guiding principles are a set of non-negotiables that serve as guidelines for team members to provide clarity on how they do their work.

  3. Identify the Gaps - what are the gaps between the current state and the desired future state? What are the next steps?

  4. Prioritize Projects - develop a ranking system for projects.

  5. Build your CX Roadmap - Assemble your roadmap by prioritizing projects from Step 4.

For a step-by-step overview of how to build your CX Roadmap: Get a free CX Roadmap eBook -


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