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What's your score?

Take this FREE short self-assessment of your organization's "current state" of experience. 

The journey to embed customer experience into your culture is a climb up the mountain.  Understanding your starting point and having a clear destination are critical elements to success.

Why take the assessment?

The assessment provides that understanding and clarity:

  • Get a baseline score to measure progress against

  • Identify strengths to build on

  • Identify gaps to close

  • 1:1 live unpack with me

How do I get the results?

The assessment should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and you will receive your results in less than 24 hours.


The score will include an aggregate score based on 100 points and a score for each of the core competency areas along with feedback on strengths and opportunities. 

We schedule a 30 minute unpack at your convenience to review the results and there's absolutely no cost or obligation.

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Inside the Assessment

The Experience Maturity Assessment™ is based on a maturity model based on the 5 CX competency areas defined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association:

  • Customer Insights and Understanding

  • Customer Experience Strategy

  • Metrics, Measurements, and Value

  • Design, Implementation, and Innovation

  • Culture and Accountability

Special thanks to the following CX professionals and business leaders who have contributed to the assessment design and efficacy:

  • Roxie Strohmenger, CCXP, VP CX Strategy UKG

  • Richard Dorfman, Vice President, Customer Experience - Eastern Bank

  • Dennis Geelen,  Founder and Author,  Zero In and The Accidental Soloprenuer

  • Karyn Furstman,  Vice President, GTM, Experience Management Solutions - Verint

  • Carla Higgins, Senior Vice President, Client Experience - CNB Bank 

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