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On a Personal Note: Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly Fly the Years

How do you think about time?

I love beautiful street clocks like this one.

As I appreciate its beauty I'm reminded that as I get older, time moves quicker.

I headed to New England over Labor Day to celebrate my daughter's wedding. It's hard to believe my little girl is getting married.

In Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye lamented "Is this the little girl I carried.." as he struggled with the reality that his little girl was getting married and life would no longer be the same.

Endings and beginnings. Time separates them. Sometimes cleanly, other times less so.

Sunrise, sunset.

Swiftly fly the years.

For me the message is to appreciate all of my blessings and take the time to get perspective. I'm so proud of my daughter and the amazing woman she has become. I'm so fortunate to be adding a son-in-law and his family to mine.

The time I spend in my work is a gift too. It aligns with my "why" as Simon Sinek describes. Striving to serve others from the lessons learned that only come with time from trials and successes I've had over the decades so that they can delight their customers.

I firmly believe that by making a difference in the lives of customers, we can change the world.I hope you are finding the "why" in what you do.

Whether it's family, work, play, rest - I've learned that taking the time to be grateful, to count my blessings, helps me absorb time's fleeting nature.

Sunrise, sunset.

Swiftly fly the years.

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