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The biggest challenge your financial services company is facing? 


Indifferent customers don't drive referrals.

Yet, referrals are the lifeblood for any financial services company.


The XM Institute study reported a DROP in Net Promoter Score (NPS)  from 2020 - 2021:

  • 12% insurance 

  • 13% banks 

  • 18% investment firms

and was on track to drop again in 2022.


Customers are no longer the loyal raving fans like they used to be.  


It’s no wonder we’re seeing this trend with all the challenges facing the industry:

  • Managing hybrid offices

  • Navigating workforce shortages

  • Implementing digital transformation 

  • Complying with changing regulations


As a business leader in the financial services world, the struggle is real for all these reasons and more.  


And yet referrals are more important than ever for sustainable growth.


Since referrals come from customers, that’s exactly the right place to start.


I’ve developed a proven 4 step framework called the 120 Day Quickstart that empowers you with a repeatable process to keep customers coming back and telling their friends

I’ve walked the walk for over a decade in a multiple award-winning financial services organization that grew 4X, went through two acquisitions and a pandemic.


When you work with EmpoweredCX, you work with me directly. You won’t be handed off to a random junior team member, like you will when working with a large stuffy firm.


You get a very personal experience.


And I’m happy to meet you where you are right now.


If this resonates with you, I’d love to talk.


Schedule a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION to explore how we might work together to  drive more  referrals and find new ways to delight your customers.


Simply click the button below.

Empowering you to get results

 Experience Maturity Assessment™

Take the FREE assessment your organization's customer & employee experience maturity.

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Free Resources

Check out the variety of free resources to help you make an immediate impact.

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Highly interactive, customized programs to empower your team.

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"I've walked the walk"

As a result, I can accelerate the path to getting you results.

You can tap into years of experience from someone who has led a multiple award-winning CX practice from launch to maturity in the largest Capitol Region based bank.  I have walked the walk through the full spectrum of a CX discipline so you can get help from whereever you are today. 

"Mark expertly led a transformation in Sandy Spring's Wealth Management division.  We had a tradition of excellent financial performance, yet, too often, operated out of silos...which limited us.  We often performed heroics which would eventually hinder our ability to scale.  Mark's deep experience in CX and his collaborative approach helped enlist the entire team for a whole new way of thinking and serving.  We could immediately feel the impact to our team members and to our clients."

                                                   Mark Grunder    Market Executive,  F.N.B. Corporation


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Board of Directors (current)
Chair, Higher Education Subcommittee
Speaker and Panelist


Certified Customer Experience Professional, CCXP

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Adjunct Professor
Customer Experience Management
MBA Program

Mark Slatin.png

Michigan State University

First 2X Winner
Award for Cultural Transformation


Host - 22' CXTrendTalks
USA CX Awards

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