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One Minute, One Bite

“Sometimes you will not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

Mom made it to 86.

In many ways, she has outlasted all the odds.


Breast Cancer.

Multiple car accidents - the most recent almost ended up taking her life.

I’m not sure how many more we’ll be able to share together so I wanted to make #86 special.

When I made the reservation at the Capital Grille, I was asked if it was for a special occasion.

I told them it was for my mom’s birthday.

When we arrived our table was decorated with confetti along with two glasses of champagne.

Not only that, there was a handwritten card signed by the staff.

What really made the experience memorable was the attention paid to us at what I call “a moment of truth.”

A minute or so after our entree arrived, my mom shared, “my steak is cold.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Julius, our server, popped up and asked if anything was wrong.

I asked if he would mind reheating it.

He gladly whisked away the steak.

A few minutes later, the general manager delivered the re-cooked steak personally along with Julius.

After we got the check, I asked Julius if it was common practice to check in a little while after the meal was delivered.

Too often when servers deliver the meal they disappear. This is a pet peeve of mine.

No ketchup, sauce, undercooked, overcooked, no cream, an incorrect bill, etc.

Julius responded, “one minute, one bite.”

He shared that they make sure to return after one minute or after the first bite to make sure the patron is satisfied.


In the restaurant business, especially full service restaurants, it seems like common sense.

But I think it’s probably the exception, not the rule.

Yet it can make all the difference.

This principle reflects Capital Grille’s customer centric approach that lets the serving team exactly how the organization expects patrons to be treated.

Memorable experiences are intentionally designed and guided by principles that empower employees to what matters most to customers, when it matters most to customers.


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