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The Problem

As any organization scales, departments naturally separate into silos.  When departments within the same organization do not work together in harmony, the customer experience suffers. 

Silos form for a number of reasons including:

  • Competing priorities

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of empowerment to make decisions

  • Inadequate tools

  • Departmental reputations


Business Risks

Departmental silos create significant business risks that include:

  • Fewer customer referrals

  • Less share of wallet

  • An increase in price/rate shopping 

  • A decrease in retention/renewals

  • A shift from you as their primary partner to their secondary choice

Why get the eBook?

The TEAM EXCHANGE eBook™ provides a simple 4-step framework to ensure your Team Exchange is a success.

The Team Exchange was an integral part in "The Year of Empathy," a strategic approach to aligning employees to deliver outstanding customer experiences. 


"The Year of Empathy was nominated and won The CX Innovation Award in 2018.

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