Experience Maturity Assessment™

What's Our Starting Point?


A truly customer centric model should start with an objective measurer of where you are now.  

But getting that baseline can be challenging.  What criteria should you measure against?  How might that compare to others?  Will it be based on the most beloved company's do to delight their customers?


The Experience Maturity Assessment™ measures your organizational maturity in 5 core areas adopted by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) as the standards that enable a customer centric culture.

After you answer the 20 question assessment, you'll receive an aggregate score.

What's Next?

Once you get your results you can schedule a FREE 30 minute one-on-one unpack with me to review both the aggregate results and your current status in each core area.

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Journey Mapping Workshops

Where do your customers feel the most friction?

Creating customers who are loyal fans requires understanding every aspect of their journey with you - through their lens.  Most organizations struggle because each department views the journey through their own lens, typically based from an inside-out perspective.

The hard part is gaining a deeper insight into what customers are thinking and feeling at each stage of their journey so you can begin to improve their experience and add value to them and to your organization.

Why Journey Map?


A customer journey mapping is a visual representation of your customer's journey through THEIR lens.  

We work together to customize this virtual or in-person workshop that puts cross functional team members on the same side of the fence to "map" key customer touch points along their journey.

What outcomes can I expect?

  • Identify pain points causing customer defection.

  • Brainstorm a list of action steps to improve experiences.

  • Deliver quick wins that will reduce cost to serve and improve retention.

  • Break down silos between departments that lead to customer friction

  • Uncover opportunities for new products that add value, grow margins, and improve wallet share.

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CX Roadmap

Develop Your CX Roadmap

If you've completed your Experience Maturity Assessment™ and crafted your CX Mission, you have identified gaps.  You should have developed a list of projects to help you get started  but it all needs to fit together as part of a strategic approach to building an engine that delights customers.

Often CX strategies fail because progress is not tracked against a well thought out plan with milestones and specific targets.

What is a CX Roadmap?


A CX Roadmap™ is a strategic plan that prioritizes projects based on the gaps you identify from the Experience Maturity Assessment™. The roadmap accelerates the path to embedding CX capabilities into your culture. We collaborate to design a unique roadmap to fit your needs.

What outcomes can I expect?

  • Focus on the most important things first.

  • Set a benchmark to track progress against.

  • Taking meaningful and data drive action rather than getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

  • Build the capabilities and mindsets that are agile enough to change to ever-changing customer needs.

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Jeanne Bliss - Author, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, Co-Founder, Customer Experience Professionals Association